NYSORA’s application is the most practical and reliable reference guide to ultrasound-guided nerve blocks featuring:

  • Real-time updates and addition of teaching material
  • Standardized regional anesthesia procedures and management protocols
  • Clinically applicable excerpts from NYSORA’s textbooks
  • An easy-to-navigate menu with a comprehensive collection of regional anesthesia techniques for head and neck,
    upper extremity, lower extremity, thoracic, and abdominal wall blocks
  • Logical step-by-step technique instructions
  • NYSORA’s trademark functional regional anatomy and reverse ultrasound anatomy used in lectures by instructors worldwide.
  • Updated, algorithm-driven approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of nerve injury and local anesthetic systemic toxicity (LAST)
  • Teaching collection of must-haves for anatomy images, videos, and reverse ultrasound illustrations created by NYSORA.
  • The study material for ultrasound certification
  • Continuous addition of new updates

 How is it different than NYSORA website?

NYSORA’s nerve block application is an interactive platform that offers a condensed and practical approach to regional anesthesia techniques and download of complete teaching material.

How is it different than a regular app?

This is a web-based application, which is accessed through an Internet browser. The NYSORA WEB APP allows for limitless streaming of new information and videos. It allows users to post their own teaching material and interact with other WEB APP subscribers.

Can I download the NYSORA APP?

NYSORA WEB APP is a novel technology, known as Learning Management System (LMS), or Dynamic Web Page. NYSORA WEB APP has similar functionality as a mobile app, but you can NOT download it on your mobile device. The subscribers can access the WEB APP on-line at: https://app.nysora.com/. The WEB-APP LMS has the advantage of instant access to updates and new educational information.

Can I collaborate and interact with other NYSORA APP users?

Yes. When you register, you can securely connect with the regional anesthesia community, create study groups, actively participate in forums, ask questions, and share your own images, videos or clinical experience.

 How to access the network?

  1. Enter https://app.nysora.com and follow the instructions to subscribe and become a member of the NYSORA APP community.
  2. Once subscribed, enter www.app.nysora.com and login with your username and password to access all the content of the website.

What does the membership give me?

  • Unlimited access to all techniques and protocols
  • Newest educational tools developed by NYSORA’s team of designers, artists & 3-D animators
  • The opportunity to download of all teaching material for lectures and presentations
  • Access to continuous updates
  • The ability to upload and share your own comments, techniques, images or videos

How to access educational material?

Once registered, select the “courses” option in the main top bar menu. This link will take you to the regional anesthesia techniques library.

What are the app courses?

Ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia techniques are classified as “courses”. Each course features “lessons” to optimize the learning experience, including a knowledge test (quiz).

Lessons included for each course:

  • Functional anatomy
  • Sensory block distribution
  • Landmarks and patient position
  • Technique
  • Local anesthetic choice
  • Tips and techniques flowcharts

Can I use the artwork for my own presentations?

Your annual subscription gives you unlimited access to download NYSORA educational tools and materials developed by our team of designers and artists for your own presentations.

How often is it updated?

The application is updated continuously

How long is the subscription?

Subscription is for 12 months from the day of purchase

Why do I need to pay for access?

Nysora.com remains a free educational platform. Your Regional Anesthesia App subscription will assure the continuation of free access to the NYSORA website to readers worldwide and help the development of more of the NYSORA’s cutting-edge graphics and teaching material. In short, part of your subscription will go towards NYSORA’s educational philanthropy and part towards the development of the premium material on the app accessible only to subscribers.

What is my login information?

Your login information is private and makes you unique in the Regional Anesthesia App community, similarly to your account on social or professional media (Facebook, LinkedIn).

How do I cancel my subscription?
Subscriptions are automatically renewed each year. If you want to cancel your subscription, make sure you do so manually before the renewal date.

For more information please contact: admin@nysora.com